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We’ll help manage risk, reduce cost and simplify the energy buying process for you.

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VIKRON Energy aligns your business with the most competitive and reliable natural gas supply sources through our network of suppliers. We arrange for your natural gas supply through non-exclusive agency agreements with natural gas suppliers and link you directly to those suppliers.

VIKRON Energy will bring you more direct sources of natural gas supply and provide the energy management services you need.

VIKRON has the market information and pricing tools to leverage and negotiate the best purchase price on your behalf. We are dedicated to finding the most favorable supply arrangement to meet your specific needs. Let’s discuss how we can facilitate your natural gas supply.


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VIKRON offers a variety of products and services

  • Natural Gas Supply Procurement
  • Price and Risk Management Strategies
  • Account Management
  • Utility Penalty Protection
vikron energy
  • Rate schedule analysis
  • Facility aggregation
  • Energy Budget Planning
  • Account Summary Reporting