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VIKRON helps level the playing field.

VIKRON acts as your energy advocate and partner negotiating from your side of the table.

Recent Testimonials

"VIKRON Energy has far exceeded our expectations. VIKRON has saved us tens of thousands of dollars in the relatively short time that we have worked with them. The experience in the natural gas industry really shows and I like knowing VIKRON is working on our behalf without much time and effort on our part."

Fastener Company - Midwest

"Thanks to VIKRON, managing our natural gas purchases has not been the rollercoaster ride we had in the past, but rather a rewarding and cost saving experience far beyond our expectations."

District Energy Company - Detroit

"VIKRON Energy has set our company up to receive its natural gas supply direct from the large producers. I think this is unique. We saw immediate savings with VIKRON Energy negotiating with multiple suppliers on our behalf with every transaction. VIKRON does a great job managing our account and helping us manage our price risk."

President – General Manager
Casting Company - Michigan

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About Us

VIKRON Energy Solutions, LLC (VIKRON) was formed by an energy industry veteran and is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan.  With over 25 years of experience working with large natural gas marketing companies, VIKRON’s co-founder partners, Jeff Weymouth has specialized expertise in energy trading, operations and energy management. VIKRON’s goal is to help natural gas end-users minimize their energy costs and maximize the efficiency of their energy purchase and management program.

Jeff WeymouthJeff Weymouth – President

Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the natural gas industry.  Prior to forming Vikron Energy in 2010, he held the position of Retail Gas Supply Trader with a primary responsibility of trading the physical and financial natural gas supply book for a large energy marketing company.  He was the “price desk” for the sales representatives and worked with natural gas producers in arranging for reliable supplies for the customers.  Jeff has worked with other energy marketing companies during his career in gas supply, wholesale and retail trading as well as marketing.  He has extensive knowledge of the natural gas market throughout the Midwestern United States and Eastern Canada.  Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology from Eastern Michigan University.

Serving the Michigan and Midwest markets.
VIKRON serves commercial and industrial businesses, schools, universities and other large users of natural gas in the Midwest. 

Offering comprehensive and cost-efficient energy solutions. 
VIKRON essentially functions as your natural gas buyer, advisor and energy manager… freeing you to focus on managing your core business.  VIKRON provides comprehensive energy solutions including usage and cost analysis, risk management strategies, negotiating, purchasing and account management.  Clients have peace of mind knowing their energy needs are being met and their costs are being effectively managed.  And VIKRON's services are available at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time energy team.   

Negotiating directly with suppliers on your behalf.
Ever wonder if you’re paying too much for your natural gas service?  Get the best available rates with trading terms from one day at a time to multiple years in duration depending on your needs. 

Cost efficient alternative
Because VIKRON was founded on a lower cost structure and runs more efficiently than most competitors, the result is outstanding service and significant cost savings for our clients.

Don't sign another natural gas contract until you've talked to VIKRON Energy Solutions.
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