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VIKRON works as your unbiased energy advocate. We strive to identify the best price and supply options in the natural gas market and offer these products and services to our clients.

Natural Gas Supply Procurement - VIKRON negotiates and arranges for your supply through non-exclusive agency agreements with natural gas suppliers. VIKRON is your natural gas supply negotiator and buyer, connecting you with the right suppliers.
pricing and risk managemnet
Price and Risk Management Strategies - VIKRON designs a pricing and risk management strategy based on a client's risk tolerance and budgetary needs. This could be as straight-forward as a fixed priced or market based product, or it could involve more sophisticated option-priced/structured products. We evaluate each account carefully and recommend the strategy that is going to be most cost effective for your particular situation. Of course long term security and continuous access to the natural gas you need is our top priority.
pricing and risk managemnet
Account Management - VIKRON analyzes the gas deliveries and storage bank injections or withdrawals in relation to our client's gas consumption. We arrange for the purchase of gas supply or sale of excess gas in order to keep your account within utility tolerances. We monitor the market continuously and recommend the most favorable time to buy and sell gas supply within the current month.
utility penalty protection
Utility Penalty Protection - VIKRON provides its clients with full protection from utility penalties. VIKRON'S clients are responsible for providing accurate and timely meter reads on a weekly basis and for communicating process changes, shut-downs, start-ups, alternate fuel use or anything else which may affect the planned natural gas usage.
rate schedule analysis
Rate schedule analysis - VIKRON compares our client's consumption activity with tariff provisions to be sure that the correct utility rate structure is in use.

Facility Aggregation
Facility aggregation - VIKRON aggregates multiple facilities within a utility's service area. This can give the facilities an advantage by buying as a group and provide more operational flexibility. Also, when needed, we work with the utility and adjust utility tolerances.
energy budget planning
Energy Budget Planning - VIKRON works with its clients on energy budget forecasts by analyzing historical consumption data, future consumption projections, process or facility changes with forward natural gas prices.
account summary report
Account Summary Reporting - VIKRON provides its clients with information regarding monthly consumption, monthly deliveries, storage activity and average cost of gas in storage. Customers are able to access their account information via VIKRON'S secure Client log-in.